Our Team

Tim Collins & Chuck Dolce

For more than two decades, Tim has immersed himself in all aspects of the financial markets. Spending time as a financial advisor, hedge fund manager, and an expert to the expert, he has honed his skills in the analysis of public and private companies along with the markets as a whole. His work has been cited on CNBC’s Mad Money as well as Jim Cramer’s best-selling novel, Get Rich Carefully.

These days, his goal is helping retail investors cash in on life-changing plays in the stock market through Streetlight Confidential.

Chuck Dolce spent the first 17 years of his career working as an analyst and broker on the floor of the world’s largest futures exchange. From there he became Product Manager for a global software company on the forefront of today’s electronic trading platforms. Today, as Managing Editor of the Streetlight Publications, he uses his years of experience to help individual investors see past the noise and understand the realities of the markets.