The EU’s New BFF?

Europe is facing a potentially fatal self-inflicted energy wound… The US is teetering on the brink of a deep recession… And the only one who seems oblivious to it all is the guy who started all the trouble, Vladimir Putin.  It’s a cliff-hanger to rival any soap opera. But now how does it finally play …

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The EU’s Dual Dilemma

In the March issue of Streetlight Confidential I wrote an article laying out the cost of the moral high ground where energy sanctions on Russia were concerned. For all the condemnation of Russian aggression, the EU has not been willing to cut the Russian energy cord… for obvious reasons. Russia supplies a massive amount of energy …

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This Time It Is Different (And the Fed Won’t be Ready…)

There’s an investment theory that pretty much trumps any theory by any legendary investment wizard whether it’s Benjamin Graham, Jesse Livermore or even Warren Buffett. It’s known as the “greater fool theory.”  It basically says that no asset is too overvalued if someone will pay you more than you paid for it.  The theory comes …

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